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Rasmus - Last Waltz tab

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Bm                    C#
Make me blind, cover my eyes
You can do what you want
Bm                          C#
I'm paralyzed by the perfect mood
When we're dancing with blindfolds on
Bm                           C#
You make it easy to love you and hate you
I can't explain it, i feel insecure
Bm                                   C#
You say it's simple: "You die just to live again"
F#                                          Bm          B7
You say, we're waiting for the last waltz

Another you and me
F#                 Bm       Bm7             Em
Another revolutionary heavenly romance
F#                    Bm          B7
Waiting for the last waltz
And so it seems
      F#                    Bm     Bm7
We won't find the solution
Confusion leads the dance,
We're waiting for the last waltz

Bm                    C#
Praise the wine, so divine
And it stings like a rose
Bm                       C#
Allow the night to flow inside
Open the window and let the wind blow
Bm                                    C#
Highlight of the night is the unhappy ending
You keep refusing to answer my calls
Bm                              C#
Drop the bending and stop the pretending
F#                                       Bm           B7
You say: "Get ready for the last waltz"


*unfortunately i donít know this part....*

I believe that no one in this world has the answer for me

But still i hope that someone has heard


That's all, enjoy!=)) it's a great song=)
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