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Relient K - Curl Up And Die tab

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Capo 8
Am  C  F  C  (2x)
E7  Am F  C
E7  Am F  G

C   Am F  G
C   Am F 
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End the chorus on 
D 0
A 3    (I know it sounds kinda weird, but if you listen
E 4      to the cd it's pretty close)

FMaj  Am  C (repeat until last time through)
FMaj  G

    Am  F   C   E7  G  FMaj
e | x---x---x---x---x---x
B | 1---1---1---0---0---0
G | 2---2---0---1---0---5
D | 2---3---2---0---0---3
A | 0---3---3---2---x---x
E | x---x---x---0---3---x
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