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Reuben - The Last Time tab

                             THE LAST TIME - Reuben

| *  Strum
| x  Muted
| R  Rest (Silence)

- Tap on the Face of the Guitar, Just Below the Top Strings

e|-----------------------------|    |-3*------1*------3*------1*---1*--x-x--x-x-|
B|-----------------------------|    |-3*------3*------3*------3*---4*--x-x--x-x-|
G|-3*------3-2-2-3*------------|    |-0*------3*------0*------3*---3*--x-x--x-x-|
D|-3*------3-3-3-3*------------| x2 |-x-------1*------x-------1*---1*--x-x--x-x-|
A|-1*------1-1-1-1*------------|    |-3*------1*------3*------1*---1*--x-x--x-x-|
E|---------------3*------------|    |-------------------------------------------|


Verse 2
|-----------------------------|    |-3*------1*------3*------1*---------------------|
|-----------------------------|    |-3*------3*------3*------3*---3-3-3-3--3-3-3-3--|
|-3*------3-2-2-3*------------|    |-0*------3*------0*------3*---3-2-2-2--3-2-2-2--|
|-3*------3-3-3-3*------------| x2 |-x-------1*------x-------1*---1-1-1-1--1-1-1-1--|
|-1*------1-1-1-1*------------|    |-3*------1*------3*------1*---1-1-1-1--1-1-1-1--|
|---------------3*------------|    |------------------------------------------------|

Bridge - x2

Solo                    Outro.
|-1*--------------|    |---------------|
|-4*--------------|    |---------------|
|-3*------3*------|    |-3*------3-2-2-|
|-1*------3*------| x2 |-3*------3-3-3-| x4 (Until End)
|-1*------1*------|    |-1*------1-1-1-|
|-----------------|    |---------------|

Well, it's easy to see
you're flying your flag at half mast.
You want to collar that boy
and tell him that this is the last.

It's the last time - x3
he'll ever see you... You...

There's times in your life
when you need to put things in the past.
You say to yourself
'Well God is this really the last?'

It's the last time - x3
that you will ever do this.

It's the last time,
(It's the last time) - x3 (Both)
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