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Rivermaya - Golden Boy tab

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Title: Golden Boy
Artist: Rivermaya

 Im 89% sure in this chords....This the NEw song Of rivermaya
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Intro: E-F#m-A Then E-D-C#m-Bm(2x) E

Native sun arising
Concrete walls are falling
Down into the sea
Are you as ahppy as me?
Native sons are sleeping
Concrete walls are calling
Peq, questions give no clu
Am I as happy as you?

    D     C#m  E
He just a local boy
  D     C#m   E
It's good he doesn't know
  D   C#m   E
It's good he doesn't know
  D C#m     E
He's just a local boy

Native walls are calling
Concrete sons are falling
Are you happy as you?
PEg questions give no clue
NAtive walls arising
Concrete sons are sleeping
AM i Happy as me?
Down into sea
(rpeat refrain)
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