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Rivulets - The Road chords

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this song is unreleased (to my knowledge) you can watch it at:

its pretty easy to play so I thought i'd post it ;)

tune down half step

main chords

       C9     G      D      em

its basically just C-G for the verse/chorus then D and em where appropriate.
it sounds like he lets the bottom E sound on the C chord most of the time.


      em     C      G      D

play the em with 3rd and 4th fingers so you can slide between the chords

when some fall from judgment (C G)
some fall from grace (C G)
some just fall too fall away (C G D)

when you fall, i'll wait
with your secretive ways
in some room off the highway

and i will take the road (C G)
and the darkened path (C G)
that will lead me back to your door (em G D)


lord i'm hurt, i'm calling
without words, i'm screaming
without sound, i can't get out

so i will take the road
and the darkened path
that will lead me back to your door

(play the chords from the break for this part)
jump, fall off the wagon
in every way, every way
and stand before the jury
with nothing to say, nothing to say

and i will take the road
down that darkened path
it will lead me back to your door

i will take the road (C G)
down that darkened path (D C G)
it will lead me back to your door (C G D)
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