Shinedown - The Energy tab

Well since no one has the balls to tab out "The Energy" by Shinedown so I guess I will.

This will be very close but there are layers of studio guitars.

Tuning D-A-D-G-B-e

Gsus2: 5    Fsus2  3
       8           6
       7           5
       5           3
       5           3
       5           3

Intro riff: Rhythm Chords: 4/4 Gsus2 5 counts then Fsus2 3 counts
Intro lead: simplistically



Chords transisioning from verse to chorus are: F---A#--c

Here are just the chords for the chorus so you'll have to figure out
the timing on your own and they change fast...


Then the Gsus2 to Fsus2 riff twice to A#""""""""C""""""""

Bridge is very easy
E to a D then to a C

Listen to the song for the timing on the riffs.

I will be posting a video soon to show how its played.
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