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Side A - Later tab

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Intro: G-D/F#-F-E
How can you come with me
            GM7       Dm               E
When you knew all along that you had to go
            Am                        Am/G
How could you watch me sleep close to you
            F        D
Pretending not to know
            G            D/F#
How could you memorize my name
            F     E7
And forget who I am
     Am                         Am7/G
How could you think youíre still the same
    F          D
Believing I can
            G                  Am
Itís too late to start pretending
            Bm                  C
Itís too late for a new beginning
Later than the sunset
            /G    F-D
Later than the rain
               G/B     Am      D
Later than never to love you again
Ad lib: Bb-Cm-Am-0Eb
(repeat chorus except last word)
            Cm      Dm         Eb
  . . . again . . . yeah . . . yeah
            Gm-F/A   Gm-Db-C-Bb
Oh . . . itís too late
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