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Side A - Whenever I Call You Friend tab

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Title: Wherever I Call You Friend
Artist: Side A

Intro: G
 F#m     B         Em7
Wherever I call you friend
            Dm7    G         CM7          Bm7
I begin to think I understood anywhere we are
B/D#      Em  A9
Life is always be
Forever and ever
Verse: (Do cp verse)
I see my self within your eyes
And thatís all I need to know you why
Everything I do always takes me home to you
Ever and ever
  C         G/B            Am      G
Sweet love, showing us a heavenly light
C         G/B         Am      G
I never seen such a beautiful sight
C         G/B     Am      G
See love flowing on us every night
C            G/B     Am     G
I know forever weíll be doin it right
Verse: (Do cp verse)
Whenever I call you friend
I believe Iíve come to understand
Everywhere we are
You and I will always be forever
Verse:L(Do cp verse)
When I think about the times we had
Knowing I will be the lucky one
I always gonna call you friend
(repeat chorus)
C     G/B-Am-G
Sweet love . . . 8x
Sweet love
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