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Steel Dragon - Colorful tab

This song was sorta easy...  I dont know how correct I am... so please rate and let me 
how you think I did... The strumming varies.. just listen to the song.. its pretty easy 
figure it out...

Intro / Verse:

e ---------------3---2--------------|
B -------2-------3---3--------------|
G ---2---2-------2---2--------------|
D ---2---2--------------------------|
A ----------------------------------|
E ----------------------------------|

[ Tab from: ]
e ------------------------|
B ------------------------|
G ------------------------|
D ---3-----5--------------|
A ---3-----5--------------|
E ---1-----3--------------|


e ---5-------2--                 e ---1-------3--|
B ---5-------3--                 B ---1-------3--|
G ---6-------2--    X3  Then     G ---2-------4--|
D ---7----------                 D ---3-------5--|
A ---7----------                 A ---3-------5--|
E ---5----------                 E ---1-------3--|

The rest of the song is the same throughout... It may not be the whole song... but its 
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