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Stone Temple Pilots - Kitchenware & Candybars tab

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m: "Simon Forsman" 
Date: Thu, 19 Mar 1998 19:06:53 PST
originally from Steve Vetter []

**Kitchenware & candybars**
by the Stone temple pilots

Brought to you by Simon Forsman (and OLGA!).

I've noticed that the chords on the other version of this song on this 
site is, I'm sorry to say, very wrong. I don't wanna act like mr smart 
guy, but here I'm giving you the right chords and the tab on the verses.

The verses:

E ----------------
B ----------------
G -(0-0)-(0-0)--0-
D --5-5---5-5---4-
A --5-5---5-5---5-
E 00----00----00--

You can successfully play the 0's on the G-string - especially on the 
last chord. It gives more depth to the chords and a nice dissonance to 
the last one.

Play this tab over and over through the verses.

Verse 1:

Somebody told me... I know where to go...
Somebody showed me... I was last to know...

Sell me down the river...
Sell me down the river...
Sell me down the river...
Sell me down the river...

Chorus, with chords: 
C9 and F# - see explanation on the bottom of this page (they're a little 

C9         G     F# D C9            G     F# D
... What I wanted...  ... is what I wanted....

C9         G     F# D C9              G     F# D A
... What I wanted...  ... is what she wanted..........

Verse 2:

Unfriendly feelings... down on wounded knee...
Unfriendly reasons... some blind mothers need...

Sell me down... 
(four times once again)

Chorus: The same.


    A        G               A         G          
You read the words, and it sells you life...

    A        G                 A       G    F
You sell their words, but it's all a lie.........

Guitar as on verses...


I'm not sure about the order in the end. I don't have the song 
listenable right this minute.

C9          F#
E-0         E-0
B-3         B-3
G-0         G-2
D-2         D-0
A-3         A-0
E-0         E-2 

That's about it folks! Have fun!
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