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Suicide Machines - Destruction Album tab

e: Wed, 1 Apr 1998 13:47:58 -0600 (CST)
From: Samuel Fletcher IV Barker 
Subject: destruction by definition album by suicide machines

album:destruction by definition
artists:suicide machines
tabbed by:samuel barker
      with help from skunx(

here ya go boys and girls all of dbd for you playing enjoyment. send all
comments, corrections, requests, and praises to  

new girl

intro: Gii  Fii  C

     Gii     Fii     Cs                      Gii          Fii     Cs
well i can't wait to tell you all about her, all about my new girl and    
i can't wait for you to hear me shout it, all about my new girl

verse 1:
Gii                       Cs
when we were together you tried to break my heart
Gii                         Cs
you always did your best at keeping us apart
(same chords)
but now you're dead and gone, i gotta new thing goin
can't wait to see your face when you and you friends show up

Gii  Fii  C
     so i got a i got a new girl

verse 2:
something makes you think you're some kinda winner do you wanna 
get married and cook somebodies dinner? you're making fun of me
cause i'm young and got no money i got no time for schoolbooks
i got no time to study

repeat pre-chorus

repeat chorus

Gii Cs  Gii Ebs  Gii Cs Ebs

verse 3:
you're the type of girl that any guy would die for that's the way it looks
and i'm really glad you think so so concerned with friends and your
popularity you never ever took the time to see the real me

repeat pre-chorus

repeat chorus

A  D  Eii

A        D  Eii
this one!
new girl!

end on C

chords used:
    A   C   D  Eii  Fii  Gii  Cs


intro: A  C  F  G  D

verse 1:
A                     C            G
i take a look around, i don't like what i see
A                     C                    G
a bunch of people who don't know shit about unity
(same chords)
i see right through your skin, you say you see through mine
so please explain to me why we fight all the time

bridge 1:
D                   A
i can't take it anymore this is bothering me
D                             Eii
got people killing each other why does it have to be?

verse 2:
i wish i knew, i really wish i knew 
why people can't see there's no real difference between me and you

Fii                Eii        Fii                      Eii
it's a bomb with a short fuse and i know it seems like no use
Fii                     Eii      Fii               Eii
the tensions building a reaction this is a call to action

  A        C    G  A          C    G  A          C    G  A          C    G  
SOS we need help   SOS we need help   SOS we need help   SOS we need help!

verse 3:
man's inhumanity towards another man
is man's insanity and ignorance again
and now is the time to stop what's goin on
the hatred's building up exploding like a bomb

repeat pre-chorus

repeat chorus

solo:(sorta, i think it's pretty accurate)

repeat pre-chorus

repeat chorus

end on A

chords used:
    F   G   A   C   D  Eii  Fii

break the glass

intro:  E  B  (3x)
        B  A  (4x)

riff:(not correct but sounds alright, and it's skunx's so e-mail him)
                          break it!
                          smash it!

verse 1:
Ds                              Gs           As
there's somethings about myself i just can't control yet
Ds                             Gs            As
it happens time and time again when i try to be
(same chords)
well i blow it down i break it down i'm trying to be well it's
such a shame to say there's nothing to see there

D       As            D 
i don't wanna talk about it
        As                    D
but you know i can't live without it
it's such a stupid fuckin' shame
    D                           Eii
and everytime i think about it i think i'm so lame

A               E          D        A
i'll break the glass, i'll break it down (4x)

E  B  A  (4x)

verse 2:
what's your story, what's your sign no i can't agree
well you know you'll never get it in this life for free
you can blow it down and break the glass break y heart in two
but you better be prepared it's such a shock there's nothing there

fill me up because i'm empty
why couldn't i just have kept me
ya know it really fuckin' sucks
and when i try to talk about it the words seem to get stuck

repeat chorus

interlude: E Eii Eb D A B (3x) then... E  Eiio Ebo Ao A B

A  E  B  A (2x)

repeat chorus


chords used:
    E   A   B   D   Ds  Gs  As Eiis

no face

     Cs         Fii

    Eii     Fii

    Am      G

hey ska!

intro: Em  B  C  B  G  F#


As         D    Eii
hey what's goin on
As       D   Eii
hey what went wrong
As            D  Eii
hey i don't know why
As             D  Eii
hey might as well try

let's go!

As  D  Eii (w/ horns)

verse 1:
well i looked around this crazy world
    D                  Eii
and tried to make some sense of it
robbed a bank stole a car
    D                 Eii 
and tried to put some dents in it
(same chords)
everybodys playing games
i don't know what to make of it
don't play your stupid games
you know i don't need that fucked up shit

chorus 1:
no one ever told me i was gonna get older
turned 21 and thought my life was over
took a long time to get where i am now
        Eii       Eii        Eii Eii Eii Eii
but i'm not gonna sit around wondering how no! 

As  D  Eii (w/ horns)

verse 2:
well i listened to you fuckin shit
i can't make any sense of it 
what goes up must come down
you gotta put two cent in it
you're just a blob of fuckin jell
your brain is floating out in space
if your brain was worth a quarter
i'd get 26 cents back in change

chorus 2:
no one ever told me that the grass would be greener
done a lotta things since last time that i seen her
no one ever told me it would be this way 
that's why you can't make any sense out of anything i say!

As  D  Eii (slower)

   As                      D                  Eii
my world is crumblin and i don't know what to do
     As                               D           Eii
it's fallin down around me  cause i'm thinking of you 
(same chords)
if we take a look at our world to day
are our morals on decline, have we all gone insane?
insane  insane

Eii Eii Eii Eii Eii Eii

repeat riff

repeat pre-chorus


chords used:
    Em  F#  G   B   C   D  Eii  As

our time

i got no time!

D  G  A (3x)  G  B  A

verse 1:
Ds                     Gs       As
how can it end when it never began?
Ds                     Gs          As
why can't i win when i know that i can?
(same chords)
seems we forgot about the mess that we're in
which way do we go and was there ever a plan?

   Ds                As
it seems i'm getting old ya see
      Ds                Gs
and i can't avoid responsibility
(same chords)
stuck in a box of popular belief
and it feels like there's something wrong with me

chorus 1:
D              A                     B               
got no, got no time                  got no, got no time
                   got no time for myself
got no, got no time (got no time for myself)

F#            G        A
do we have a function? tell me is there something?
F#            G        A  
is this my assumption? tell me is there something?
(same chords)
do we have a function? tell me is there something?
wrapped up in consumption, tell me is there something there?

D  G  A (3x)  G  B  A

verse 2: 
how can we help when we don't where to begin?
fighting the system yet you get sucked in
you dropped out of the race cuz you never fit in
it's a racist power structure do we call human?

repeat pre-chorus

chorus 2:
i've seen through all the years and through all the tears
i've seen my share it makes me feel like no one even cares
i've seen through all the years and through all the tears
i've seen my share it makes me feel like no one even cares

repeat bridge

D  G  A (3x)  G  B  A

G        B A           D
seems like no one even cares


chords used:
    F#  G   A   B   D   Gs  As  Ds

too much

intro: Eb  Bb  Ab  Bb

verse 1:
Eb       Bb    Ab             Bb
when the extra weight hits my brain
  Eb        Bb  Ab    Bb
i feel like i'm going insane
       Eb       Bb      Ab          Bb
that's when the hand of god cuts my cord
       Eb     Bb   Ab           Bb
that's when i feel like jah the lord

   F#               Ab            Db
my heart is pumping blood into my head
      F#               Ab                 Db
and i feel just like a thousand pounds of lead
    F#               Ab            Db
the right half of my body has gone numb
      F#                 Ab
and i think it's too much, too much
  F#               Ab     Db
i think it's too much for me

repeat intro

verse 2:
when the monster inside my head
is telling me that i'm better off dead
that's when my mind is turned upside down
that's when i wish you weren't around

my head is telling me that it's not right
and your face is such an unfamiliar sight
when i'm flying high as a fucking kite
i think it's too much, too much
a little too much, too much!
i think it's too much oh, for me

ska bridge:
Bbs          Abs            Ebs
take another drag, kill the pain
        Bbs         Abs               Ebs
of your meaningless existence in this godforsaken place
(same chords)
where everyone's a sellout but they're also fuckin burnt out
thought it would be the best way to enhance your state of mind
see i went home and turned on the tv cause i had the time
i look at all this bullshit, the mugging and crime
war, death, disease, famine, what's it all worth
i started to lose it by the time i started 
so i got jah, i got to the j, i got to the spliff got in his way
in the same frame of mind
got the same frame of mind
Bbs      Abs
pickitup pickitup  (3or4x)

repeat intro

repeat verse 1

repeat chorus 1

end on Eb

chords used:
    F#  Ab  Bb  Db  Eb Abs Bbs Ebs


intro: Fii  Bb  C
       Fii  Eb  Bb  C

verse 1:
Fii      C              Fii            C
you tell me that you've found a better way
    Fii    C           Fii          C
and i tell you that it isn't fuckin sane
(same chords)
everything that i wanted has broke down
they all think that i'm just a fucking clown

    Bb          C              Fii        C
but everybody's telling me you gotta move faster
    Bb          C           Fii          C
everybody's telling me that i'm a fucking bastard

Fii    C                Bb               C
all my dreams were just islands in the sky  (3x)
Fii    Bb               C
all my dreams were just islands in the sky

repeat intro

verse 2:
i tell you that the worlds a scary place
and you tell me we're all part of the same race
everybody's worried that they'll never get their share
i get left behind because i was never really there

repeat pre-chorus

repeat chorus

Fii  Bb  C
Fii  Eb  Bb  Ab

Eb                 Ab  Eb           Ab       Bb
they all think i'm mad everything i had just broke down (2x)

repeat intro

repeat pre-chorus

repeat chorus

end on Fii

chords used:
    Ab  Bb  C   Eb  Fii

the real you

D  D  D  C G  C D  C G

D                        Gii
the word real defined is what really lies inside
D                            Gii
you're not the person i once knew you're not the you i'm used to
(same chords)
all this wool is buggin my eyes and i never really realized
that beyond this plastic shell you cannot even tell

verse 1:
  D                       As
i can't come in cause you won't let me break
            Gs              As
through the mask of who you are
    D                              As
you let down your sheild it's your best defense
         Gs                 As
it won't devastate you it's really hard
(same chords)
for me to tell you everything that i want to tell you
but you never knew the real me i'm sure i never knew the real

D   C G               C    D                    C    G
you   i wanna see the real you! i wanna see the real you
                C    D                    C    G
i wanna see the real you! i wanna see the real you

verse 2:
conflicting spheres of interest pose a threat to who we are
and where we want to be no we just can't see so we throw the walls up
around ourselves
our visions are dulled and doubtful you know it's a double standard
that'll wrap us up tight inside ourselves and never let us out

repeat chorus

A  G             A  G             A  G         A G             A
   motherfucker!    fuckin' bitch    hypocrite   ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

repeat chorus

end on D

chords used:
    G   A   C   D   Gii  As  Gs

face values
intro: G  F  C

verse 1:
G                              D
you got no friend so you're lonely
Eii                         C
it does not have to be this way
G                              D
just be yourself the one and only
Eii                            C
it takes some time but that's ok

   Gs                    D
alright, no need to fight
      Eii                                     C
cause everybody's different and there's nothing you can do about it
BGs                       D           Eii
just because i don't look like you or act like you
it doesn't make me any better or worse


G         D         C
i used to just like you
G                    D         C
until i found better things to do than
(same chords)
worry about what the others think
and wonder if there's something wrong with me

verse 2:
you hate you self because you're not like them
now understand that this is wrong
you're better off doing your own thing
being yourself and being strong

repeat intro

end on G

chords used:
    F   G   C   A  Eii  Gs

punk out

intro: Go  G  c  G  C  C  Do  Co

verse 1:
G               A          C                   D
you're the only one in the world that you care about
G                A               C       D
makes me want to run and hide my head
(same chords)
it's hard for me to tell you how i fell because nothing's real
makes me wanna run and hide my head

pre-chorus 1:
    C                      G
and god only knows what'll keep us alive cause 
C                   G
everybody's turning 25 and i
C             G              D
haven't got a word to say to you
(same chords)
honor role when i was 13
head over heals when some girl kissed me
when i needed someone you weren't there

    G         C         G         C
i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry
    G        C         Do   Co
i'm sorry so sorry i'm sorry

D  C  G  D  G

G          C
hey hey hey (3x)

Do  Co

verse 2:
you know that you scare me when you act this way
makes me wanna run and hide my head
it's hard for me to tell if you're serious or if you're joking
it makes me wanna run and hide my head

pre-chorus 2:
and god only knows what'll keep us from dying cause
everytime i look around i see life
as a big lie yeah
evrybody's saying "yeah i'm the one" yeah
"everybody come running to me"
that's not how it works and it never did

repeat chorus

D  C  G  D  G

repeat bridge

solo: Go  Do  Co  Eiio  Do  Co

    G             C               G       C
you know that i'm sorry it had to be this way
G                        C             Do        Co
things got fucked up but that's ok i'm sorry i'm sorry

repeat bridge

end on G

chords used:
    G   Go  A   C   Co  D   Do Eiio Giio

vans song

intro: Gii
       D  C  Gii

verse 1:
            D           C        Gii
well you're just like a club fag wearin doc martens
D             C               Gii
get a pair of chukkas or some checkerboard slipons
(same chords)
worship jeff spicoli not chris cornell
get a pair of vans or god will send you to hell
to hell...
well you think doc martens are the coolest invention 
since someone sliced a loaf of bread in someone else's kitchen
the plain truth is that you just plain suck
so why should i tell you not to waste a hundred bucks?

G    C     D     G    C     D
vans in my head, vans on my feet
   G              C    D        C               D
my sole is on the ground as i'm walkin down the street
2 3 4!
(same chords)
don't wear no doc martens don't wear no birkenstocks
just a crummy old pair of chukka boots and a smelly old pair of socks


D  C  Gii

verse 2:
well if you wanna wear em you don't have to ride a skateboard
you can even wear em with a pair of old cords
someone'll probably tell you that they're not in trend
just tell them that's the reason you don't have any friends 
no friends...
well i don't wanna hear about alternative footwear
and i don't wanna hear about your new hairdos
see i don't give a shit about you stupid motherfuckers
cause i just wanna get a pair of olive green chukkas

repeat chorus  (2x)


chords used:
    G   C   D   Gii


intro: A  Eii  D  Db  B

verse 1:
A    D       F#       G
held back by walls of insecurity
     A            D
that i just could never see 
     F#             G
held people at arms length
(same chords)
devoid of all human contact
cannot express emotion
i try with all my strength

Db          F#
what is the matter with me 
it seems no one cares
    A             Eii
i'm blinded by my innocence
Db          F#
will no one be there for me
D                      A A A Eii Eii
when i don't understand              i need a guiding hand

verse 2:
covered in blankets of imagination
where i can talk to people without a second thought
what if they're laughing at me
i know i'm not good enough so i won't even try

repeat chorus

repeat intro

repeat chorus (w/out lyrics)

bass solo

ska break:
As                             Ds         Es
everything's gonna be okay and i know but it just doesn't seem that way
As                      Ds        Es
right around the corner there may be someone who cares
(same chords)
everythings gonna be alright and i know, but i wish it was tonight 
maybe i would sleep better at night if i knew somebody cared

A  A  Eii  Eii  D


chords used:
    G   A   B   Db  D  Eii  As  Ds Es


intro: Eii  Aii  Abii

verse 1: (bass only)
if you're fucked up on the inside 
then you're fucked up on the outside
doesn't matter what you say or do
doesn't matter if you think it's true
don't look for peace on the inside
doesn't matter what the others say
cause all these mouths get in the way

chorus 1:

you're just to hip, you're just too cool

but everybody knows you're just a fucking fool 

and you'll carry that cool till the day you die

cause you're still full of shit and you're turning 25
play riff
go. 25,  25,  25


verse 2:
if you wanna know the answers 
then you gotta ask the questions
"who am i?" and "who is she?"
and "does it matter anyway?"
you've got to look for lovr on the inside man
don't look for love on the outside
doesn't matter what the others say 
cause all this shit gets in the way

chorus 2:
you can't love me and you can't love 
when did it all go wrong? i really wish i knew
that color's all the same through colorblind eyes
and if you think you so different then you're wasting your time
your time, your time, your time
Fii  Eii Fii  Eii Fii  Eii F#ii Eii  Eb  Db
blind,   blind,   blind,   they were all blind  

outro: E  A  B  B  A

chords used:
    E   A   B  Eii  Aii Abii F#ii


intro: A  Db  D

verse 1a:
A           Db        D
i'm not the same as i was when i was young
A   Db          D
and neither are you
(same chords)
there's been a lot of changes in both of us
you said you see that too

verse 1b:
A           Eii           D
i've wasted such a lot of time to find i was 
looking at the wrong things
A          Eii            D
if it's an apology you're waiting for 
you could wait a long time

B                  A  
said this over the phone (4x)

A           D   
i've wasted such a long time to
Eii     D
just to feel like zero
A           D
life really sucks you know when you
Eii    D
yeah i feel like zero
A           D
i've wasted such a lot of time to 
A       D
just to feel like zero

verse 2a:
you're not the only one who's held in
you said i broke your heart
it would've been the other way around when i was young
but sooner or later we've all got to grow up

repeat verse 1b

repeat pre-chorus

repeat chorus

G        C               D        C
i don't know if i should tell you how i'm feeling
G                  C
chances are you'll laugh at me
    D                    C
and tell me i don't know what i'm saying
   CG          C's not my fault (4x)

alternate between A  Db  D and A  Db  D  Db  B
A           Db        D
i'm not the same as i was when i was young

end on A

chords used:
    G   A   B   C   Db  D

so long

intro: A  Ai  Bi

riff:(bass line is tabbed, guitar is chord names)

    Eo         F#o               Go

verse 1:(bass only)
how could such a simple argument turn into this?
i thought that i knew everything about you
i pushed that flashing red button that set you off
i guess that i didn't really know you as well as i thought did


i guess that i figured out everything about you

i guess that i know all there is to know
(same chords)
i guess that i figured out what makes you do all the things you do 
i guess that i know everything there is to know

As    D   Eii
(play over jays rambling)
As                           D      Eii
you know you make me wanna say so long
you know you make me wanna say goodbye   goodbye
(same chords)
you know you make me wanna say so long
you know you make me wanna say goodbye!

repeat riff

verse 2:
how could you do all the things you've done to me and
still have the nerve to say we're friends i don't know they
tell me that it's all about growing up and being scared when
i was down and out where were you, you weren't there

repeat pre-chorus

repeat chorus

repeat riff

end on A 
good fucking bye

chords used:
    A   Ai  Bi  C#  D  Eii Eo   As F#o   G#o

i don't wanna hear it

intro: B  Eii
       F#s  Bs  Eii

verse 1:
F#s                    Bs            Eii
i don't wanna hear it, all you do is talk about you
i don't wanna hear it, cause you know none of it's true
i don't wanna hear it, i'm sick and tired of all you lies
i don't wanna hear it, when are you gonna realize??

F#ii          Eii    B  C#           B       F#
i don't wanna hear it, i know you're full of shit  (3x)
F#ii          Eii     B   C#
i don't wanna hear it!!!

F#  B  Eii (2x)
F#s  Bs  Eii (2x)

verse 2:
shut your fuckin' mouth i don't care what you say 
you keep talking and you're talking everyday
first you telling stories, then you're telling lies
when the fuck are you gonna realize?

repeat chorus
ahhhh  fuck!!!!!

chords used:
    F#  B   C# Eii F#s  Bs F#ii
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