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Sun Kil Moon - I Know Its Pathetic But That Was The Greatest Night Of My Life chords

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Eb: 668886
Ab: 466544
Cm: 335543
Bb: 113331

The song uses the same finger-picking pattern throughout like this,


I'm not sure if this is 100% accurate but it sounds fine playing it this way to me.


Eb Ab

Eb        Ab           Eb     Ab             Eb                  
   It was backstage in Moscow late one night
   Ab          Eb           Ab           Eb
   We shared a cigarette, a kiss goodbye
       Cm       Bb          Ab         Eb        
   Her name was Cayenne, so young and soft
       Cm             Bb         Ab           Eb
   Her hands trembled badly, her eyes trailed off
      Cm          Bb       Ab        Eb
   To bottles and objects around the room
      Cm         Bb    Ab      Eb
   My backup guitar, a tray of food 

   Ab       Eb        Ab          Eb
   We didn't have very much to say
       Ab              Eb        Ab              Eb               
   She said that she'd come from some other place
     Cm          Bb       Ab      Eb
   A town called Troyskirt, maybe Troysworth
         Cm         Bb     Ab         Eb
   I was pretty distracted packing my stuff
         Cm         Bb       Ab         Eb
   But I did make a point to ask her to stay
           Cm           Bb               Ab        Eb
   But she said she had friends that she had to go see

Ab            Eb       Ab           Eb
   Later that summer I picked up my mail
       Ab        Eb            Ab            Eb
   She sent me a letter with a touching detail
      Cm         Bb      Ab        Eb
   "I used up my minutes calling hotels
      Cm            Bb        Ab          Eb
   To find you that night but to no avail"
      Cm           Bb             Ab              Eb
   "I know it's pathetic," she continued to write,
        Cm           Bb       Ab          Eb
   "But that was the greatest night of my life."
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