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Supergrass - Fin tab

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Hi everybody!
The chords of this song are one tone under E
Good Luck! This is a Beautiful song...

Intro: D - D/C# - Bm - Bm/A - A

D                     D/C#               Bm
I hold it all to the love in her eyes

         Bm/A                      A       
Lord knows I can feel her, see her, in my mind
And her spoken words ring through my head
Though I'm lost, I can hear them calling me there

Amaj7                  Bm        (Bm/A)
Hey, the song, do you feel (feel)
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Amaj7                  Bm               (E)
Leave your light on through the night

Amaj7                   Bm       (Bm/A)
Love (love) and loss so dear

               C#m     Bm   E        (A)
You know it's a long way home

Well a lonely road to the promised land
May be long but I see the end some day
To broken lives on the mountain side
Out in the cold, kinda hurried shifting sands

They're in the other world to where you lie
Pulling your heart then the ravens say goodbye

Hey, the song, do you feel?
And leave your light on tonight
Loss, from .... so dear
You know it's a long way home

Supergrass Rocks!
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