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Supergrass - Late In The Day tab

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Date: Thu, 6 Nov 1997 23:32:26 -0000
From: Dave Addis 
Subject: TAB: guitar solo to "late in the day" by supergrass

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e ---2-----------------------------------------------------------|
B ---2----7---6------------------------------------10------5-----|
G ---2--6---6---------5-(6)-(5)---7-(9)-(7)-5------12-(14)-7-----|(9)
D ----------------5-7-----------5------------7-7-----------------|
A ---------------------------------------------------------------|
E ---------------------------------------------------------------|

e ----------------------------|
B -10------5----------------5-|
G -12-(14)-7-(9)--7-6---6-7---|
D ----------------------------|
A ----------------------------|
E ----------------------------|

repeat x2 (perhaps a little more twiddly second time)
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