Surfer Blood - I Was Wrong chords

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Am            Em            F        C
keeping up replies when I'm on the road
Am              Em             F       C
speak to me in rhymes speak to me in code
Am             Em         F           C
what have you done to me lately my dear
Am                Em            F
if you're still a friend let me know

staying up all night with my ball and chain
all the bridges burn, speak to yellow flame
winning and losing or pushing away
if I fell apart would you stay?


C             G            F
in a place riddled with liars and fools
C               G          F    
you and i were taking the path we know
C           G              F
all along, i was wrong i was wrong, I'm
C           G             F
moving on with or without


cymbals shake my ears in the dead of night
smoke and mirror clubs with revolving lights
keeping good company let it all go
when i'm finally home i'll let you know

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