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The Cribs - We Share The Same Skies chords

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Great song from the album called "Ignore The Ignorant". Sounds correct to me, hope you'll enjoy!

Dm    - xx0231
G     - 320003
Am    - x02210
Em    - x22000
Fmaj7 - 13321x

Dm        G         Am
A strange union the other day

        Dm     G         Em     Am
It's a dead Russian, the papers say

       Dm       G            Am       Em
But it would be nice if they re - a - lised

         Dm          G  Am
That she thought 'he is mine'

Fmaj7                            G
This town has got you down and I know

I was helping you out

Fmaj7                                            G
While your hope died under northern skies and it shows

      Am             Fmaj7
I was helping you to realise

    G      Am          Fmaj7            
The reason why, it was no surprise

   G       Am
No waaaaaa-ay

Dm           G       Am
The act will pass by no-one

        Dm      G            Em        Am
And I'm said to say it's not different today

      Dm     G               Am    Em
Be comforted by we share the same skies

        Dm   G      Am
And for once pay no mind

Fmaj7                             G
I have decided it's best that you know

I'm still thinking about

Fmaj7                             G
Old lies as north-west skies grow cold

No point in denying

Fmaj7          G     Am                Fmaj7
Anxiety was my favourite feeling after jealousy

      G     Am
Yeah, I'll concede

             Fmaj7        Am        Fmaj7        G
That I could not, I could not be as nervous as I was

        Fmaj7         Am     Fmaj7  G    Am
I could not,  I could not no waaaaaaaaaaa-ay 
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