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The Forces Of Evil - Dance The Night Away tab

tabed by Robert A.
this is totally correct!


Verse: ( listen for tempo / rythem )
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Pre Chorus: 'oh baby baby'                  'take a chance..'
--------------------------------            ---------------|
--x-7---x-7---x-5---x-3---------            ---------------|
--x-7---x-7---x-6---x-4---------            ---------------|
--x-7---x-7---x-7---x-5-do this 3 times then--5----7-------|
--------------------------------            --5----7-------|
--------------------------------            --3----5-------|

Chorus: Same as the verse

Bridge: 'woooooo, wo oh o oh'  Palm Mute E chord, then the G chord ( repeat once )

Last Chorus: 'lets dance' instead of the D A G chords, its E B A
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