The Meg And Dia Band - My Ugly Mouth chords

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Verse 1:
Why is it always the ones we love we
G                Am                           D
try and hide and give our laughter to perfect strangers?
Why oh why did I say those words when
G                                  Am                D
I saw your face and the way it hurt, I couldn't stop it.
Em                          D
Do you think I enjoy this? Oh no...
C                             D
Please don't confirm it. It's not truthful.

              G                          C
My ugly mouth. Damn those words that come out.
                          Em                  D
Don't dare point the finger, don't accept the consequence,
it's not my fault.
             G                    C
My Ugly mouth, Turn it all inside out.
                        Em                    D  
Wanna tell you I love you, all I'm hearing is monsters saying,
          C        Am       G                       
"Get out, Get out, Get out."

Verse 2: (Same as Verse 1)
What If i told you every night
G                                Am                        D
I watch your face by candle light, silent and your protector.
It's sad to say you'll never know
G                                Am                        D
all the nights I never slept at all, just wanted to know you.
Em                      D
Not proud of my temper. Oh no...
C                                   D
Don't give up on me. I'm doing better.


Em                     C
Won't you leave me alone?
(Won't you stay?)
Em                    C
Won't you get up and go?
(You're my only love.)
Em                        C
I don't love you no more. I don't love you more 

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