The Oh Hellos - The Valley chords

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Capo 1, E shape

A                                             E
we were born in the valley of the dead and the wicked 
that our father's father found 
             C#m           B
and where we laid him down 
A                                              E
we were born in the shadow of the crimes of our fathers 
blood was our inheritance 
             C#m           B
no, we did not ask for this 

C#m B A  C#m  B
will you lead me? 

A                                                     E
we were young when we heard you call our names in the silence 
like a fire in the dark 
             C#m            B
like a sword upon our hearts 
A                                           B
we came down to the water and we begged for forgiveness 
shadows lurking close behind 
                C#m      B
we were fleeing for our lives 

C#m B A C#m  B
will you lead me?

(Ohs Section / Semi-instrumental)
E A C#m A (X4?)

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