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Thirteen Senses - Saving tab

			     SAVING - Thirteen Senses
Tabbed by: ultimeo

This is my first song to tab so it may not be a 100% correct. This only about 3/4 of the
song. The piano solo is not included. Email me if there are any corrections to be made.
Thanks and enjoy!

Tuning: Standard (Capo on 3rd Fret)

INTRO: Am Em F, C Em F 


 Am              Em
I see so little time
My eyes are crossed, my hands are tied
 C          Em          F
All I wanna do is that great thing
 Am                Em 
I never see a passer-by
My skin is cold, it's turned to ice
 C               Em          F          
And everything I do, I want leaving me


 Em                   F
And I guess it's a might
       C              G
With a light that you fight
 Em               F
You turn a blind eye
       C              G       Dm Em (2x)
To the world in the sky


 Am                     Em
I didn't know in your lies
Above your head you hold so high
 C         Em      F
All my energy is behind it
 Am               Em
A dream for the passers-by
My eyes are wasted here tonight
 C                    Em      F
I never tried to get across the feeling


Dm Em (2x)

SOLO (Strummed)
Am Em F, C Em F(2x)

Dm Em (5x)


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