Thom Yorke - Analyse chords

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1.  C							
A self-fulfilling prophecy   Of endless possibility
      Ab             G				                  Fm
You roll in reams across the street  In algebra, in algebra
2.      C							
The fences that you cannot climb   The sentences that do not rhyme
     Ab               G			              Fm
In all that you can ever change   The one you're looking for
  It gets you down (X2)
  Bb         Ab
  There's no spark
G                 Fm
  No light in the dark
  It gets you down (X2)
      Bb       Ab
  You traveled far
G               Fm
  What have you found
  	That there's no time
  	There's no time
	       Bb  Ab     
  	To analyse
G                    Fm
  	To think things through
     	 E    Fm
  	To make sense
3.    C				
Like cows in the city   They never looked so pretty
     Ab              G		         Fm
By power carts and blackouts   Sleeping like babies
  It gets you down  (X2)
		              Bb         Ab
  You're just playing a part
G                       Fm
  You're just playing a part
   You're playing a part   Playing a part
	  	    Bb           Ab G		           Fm
   And there's no time   There's no time
   To analyse   Analyse  
   Bb   Ab
G      Fm            C

tabbed by Nathan McConnell for Acoustic guitar
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