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Tracy Chapman - For My Lover tab

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Em X Em
Em X Am X Em
("X" means just playing the strings, no chords!)
Verse 1:
Em                X
Two weeks in a Virginia jail
C             Am
For my lover, for my lover
Em                  X
Twenty Thousand dollar bail
C             Am
For my lover, for my lover

And everybody thinks
That Im the fool
But they dont get
Any love from you
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Em             X      Em
Things we wont do for love
Em                    X   Em
Climb a mountain if I had to
C                       Am
Risk my life so I could have you
You, You, You

2nd Verse(same chords as 1st):
Everyday Im psychoanalyzed
For my lover, for my lover
They dope me up and I tell them lies



2nd Bridge:
Em          X
I follow my heart
Em       C
Leave my head to ponder
X            C
Deep in this love
G          C
No man can shake x2

First verse:


Em X Em
Em X Am C X Em

Ive listened to this song A LOT! And i think these are the easy chords to it. Soz if ive 
em wrong, but it doesnt rli matter cos they sound gud with the tune neway!
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