Travie Mccoy - Billionaire chords

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When I say Bm I think I actualy mean B7 --|()|--| Thats The FInger Structure
                                        --|--|--| Anyway
                                        --|()|--| Hope You Enjoy
                                        ()|--|--| RATE 5 STAR!!!
******** CAPO on 2nd Fret ********

I wanna be a billionaire

So Very Bad

C                             D
Buy all of the things I never had

G                           Bm
I wanna be on the cover of forbes magazine

C                             D
Smiling Next to Oprah and the Queen

C                D          Em
Now Every Time I close My Eyes

C                D           Em
I see my name is shining lights

C           D            G     Em    C
A different city every night Oh I, I swear

The World better prepare

          C         Em
For When I'm A billionaire!
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