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Undertones - Get Over You tab

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             "Get over you" by the Undertones 

   intro:  A-D-E repeat
A                              D                                                      E
Dressed like that you must be living in a different world

A                                        D                                             E
And your mom wants to know why you wont dress like all the other girls

D                                               E
They stop you on the street, they want to know your name

D                                         E
Trick you on the phone cause they know your game
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D                                            E
Always running down the alley just trying to get home

D                                             E
Or standing on the corner never alone...

A                                      D             A                           E
And i dont want to get over you it doesnt matter what you do

A                 D                   E
i just cant get over you over you

you say the boys with the bikes and their leathers like to beat you to hell
and the girls where you work dont treat you so well

think youre such a smart girl but you aint so bad
get what you want with looks like that 
always running down the alley just trying to get home
or standing on the corner never alone
     just rinse and repeat

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