Weezer - Susanne chords

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This is my first tab/chord I ever done and this is only to correct the other chord 
tab. The other one had the wrong tuning. Feel free to correct it again if you need to

Correction is of course done by me, Xrick6

The tuning for this is:

Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb

"Susanne" - Weezer
music and lyrics by Rivers Cuomo
chord transcription by BWT, January 26, 2007

(Chorus progression)
       D         E          F#
You're all that I wanted of a girl
       A          D          F#
You're all that I need in the world
I'm your child
Make me blush
Drive me wild
       D          E
You're all that I wanted

(Verse progression)
F#                       B    C#
   When I met you, I was all alone
E                          A      C
   Cold and hungry, crying on the phone
F#                                 B         C#
   You baked me brownies and said "don't you cry"
   And gave me the coat off your back


(Verse progression)
Even Izzy, Slash and Axl Rose
When I call, you put 'em all on hold
Say to me that you'd do anything
And I can do is say that

D         E
I haven't much
      A        E  A E
I can give you in return
D       E
Only my heart
         A       D   A  E 
And I'll promise not to turn
D            E
I'll sing to you
A                   D
Every day and every night
I'm your man

(Verse progression)

        A    D
...of a girl

End on A7
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