Youth Lagoon - Montana chords

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Artist: Youth Lagoon
 Album: The Year of Hibernation
  Song: Montana

Tabbed by: Dominic

Capo 2

you add a D to the G before you change chords. listen to the song.

  G                C                  G             C
You wore a hoodless sweatshirt on your bed that night
      G                  C                   D
With black leggings, I've never seen your face so white
       G           C
Your honesty was killing me
       G            C             G    C         D           C
The monsters in the room were all dancing to the music all around

us  G  Em  G  Em  C

    G                            C
A door is always open if it isn't closed
    Em                           C
And a plant is said to be dead if it doesn't grow
  G       C       Em     C
I'll grow.. I will grow x2

G  C   Em   D

          G                                         C
There's a spirit in Montana and in your chest, a soul
   Em                                D
I tried to be the middle-man between you and this
  G                                        C
I couldn't move as the footsteps  closer to me from the monsters that feed
 Em                                   D
I swore I wouldn't bleed.. I won't bleed
   G                                             C
There's a spirit in Montana and in your chest, a note
                              Em                             D
That rings like the bells of cathedrals rung by the village scapegoat
    G                                C                           Em  D
As I walked slowly down  to my car I looked back and turned into salt

some of the words are pretty hard to hear but that is about correct. this is however 
seriously hard
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