Air Traffic – I Like That tab

This is my attempt at 'I Like That' by Air Traffic

Intro - piano chords and guitar:

in piano intro guitar plays 4 beat A chord whilst piano plays whole sequence

A Gm C A#|-5-----3-6--| personally i would play the A# as follows |-x-||-5--3--5-6--| |-3-||-6--3--5-7--| |-3-||-7--5--5-8--| |-3-||-7--5--3-8--| |-5-||-5--3--x-6--| |-6-|
Verse: same as intro Chorus
E F|-0--1--| personally i would play the F as follows |-1-||-0--1--| bridge with index finger---->|-1-||-1--2--| |-2-||-2--3--| |-3-||-2--3--| |-3-||-0--1--| |-1-|thumbed
Verse: as verse 1 Bridge:
C Bb F|-3--1--1--||-5--3--1--||-5--3--2--||-5--3--3--||-3--1--3--||-x--x--1--|
Solo: based around E pentatonic or Em scale
E pentatonic: Em:|--------------------------12-15-| |-----------------------||---------------------12-15------| |-----------------------||----------------12-14-----------| |-----------------------||-----------12-14----------------| |-----------------13-14-|plus octaves|------12-14---------------------| |---------12-14-15------||-12-15--------------------------| |-12-14-15--------------|
thats it i think if ive missed anything out then tell me
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