All Time Low – Stay Awake Acoustic tab

ok the tuning is D flat so its  E flat tuning with the the Eb string dropped to Db and
a capo on 1st so in the end dropped D so if u dont have a capo than move everything up
fret...By the way this is the way Alex does it live so it might be a little out of order 
im sure you can find your way around it.

Verse play 2xE-------------------|B-------------------|G-------------------|D--0>--9>--5>-------|A--0>--9>--5>-------|D--0>--9>--5>-------| "Caught in a cold sweat"
Pre-ChorusE--------------|B--------------|G--------------|D--9>--5>------|A--9>--5>------|D--9>--5>------|"Before you ask which way to go"
ChorusE--------------------|B--------------------|G--------------------|D--0>--5>--0>--5>----|A--0>--5>--0>--5>----|D--0>--5>--0>--5>----|"Stay awake"
E--------------------|B--------------------|G--------------------|D--9>--5>--0>--------|A--9>--5>--0>--------|D--9>--5>--0>--------|"I'll be fine"
Repeat Verse Repeat Pre-Chorus Repeat Chorus
Break 1 play 2xE----------------|B----------------|G--7>--7>--11>-7>|D--0>--5>--9>--5>|A--0>--5>--9>--5>|D--0>--5>--9>--5>|"You aint the only one's who wanna live it up"
Break 2 play 2xE-------------------|B-------------------|G--7>--11>-7>-------|D--0>--9>--5>-------|A--0>--9>--5>-------|D--0>--9>--5>-------|"Believe you me"
Repeat Break 1 Repeat Chorus
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