Anjulie – The Heat chords

"The Heat" - Anjulie
Chords By Joan's Genius 2009

Verse 1:
CI got a loss of appetite, I’m so tired, I can’t sleep, can’t dream wake up every night
FmChills runnin down my spine, my fever is so high, the thought of you and I got the
CBoy you don’t know what it’s like, it looks like, it feels like, acts like, taking on a life
FmIt all started in my mind, It spreads to my insides, it’s takin over my body
CI got the heat, see the red in my cheeks, it’s suffocating me, got the hot hot heat
FmShe got the heat from her head to her feet, she tried to shake it, shake it, shake it
she just can’t beat the
CHere comes the heat like a fire in me, burnin up through my blood, got the hot hot heat
FmHe got the heat and he put it on me, like a spell from the devil, now I just can’t beat
heat Verse 2:
CSee the fire in my eyes, but don’t stare don’t look too long or boy you might catch fire
FmSay you don’t mind if it eats you alive, if it pokes out your eyes, you come close,
playin with fire
CSee the changes in your touch it’s a rush, the passion in your blood bubbling up
FmOooooh a crush can’t touch this lust boy
(repeat Chorus) Bridge:
CBurning, I’m burning up (Burning up, burning up, can’t beat the heat)
FmBurning, I’m burning up (Burning up, burning up for your love I’m)
CBurning, I’m burning up (Here comes the heat)
FmBurning, I’m burning up (Burning up, burning up for your love I’m)
Verse 3:
CI think it’s something in the air, it’s out there, she got it, he got it, you got it, I
it bad
FmGot me walkin in circles, seeing in purple, saying ha ha ha ha ha ha oh
CGot me spinnin in a spell I’m not well, i’m at home listening to Nina Simone
FmBoy you’re so contagious how much more can I take of this, takin over my body
(repeat Chorus till fade) Anjulie's Official Website =
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