Anjulie - Rain chords

"Rain" - Anjulie
Chords by Joan's Genius 2009

Cm FmI got caught out in the rain
Ab Eb BbNever fall in love again with you with you with you
Cm FmI got caught out in the rain
Ab Eb Bb CmNever fall in love again with you with you with you
Verse 1:
CmItís been about a year since we last spoke and
FmEvery day I thought about you thought you oughta know
AbUh-huh what do I do with this fire inside of me
BbAlways been you baby Iím desiring
CmI know youíre no good for me
FmAnd I know youíre like a drug itís killing me
Ab But I donít wanna get my fix no
BbBaby I donít wanna let you in nooo
(repeat Chorus) Verse 2:
Cm Started in October by June it was over
FmSaid youíre still in love but you were tryin to get over
AbYou think of me daily, picture our babies
BbSaid youíre tryin to change and that you wanted to save me
CmThe heat of the summer was pulling me under
FmI knew I knew better but wanted to rediscover
AbFamiliar feelings, sexual healing
BbBut when I hit the water I was stuck in the deep end
Verse 3:
CmDoctor doctor something wrong with me again
FmAnd again still the same boy hurtin me
AbI open up let him in itís so torturous
BbThe sickest part is that I think Iím liking it
CmDoctor doc why donít he leave me be?
FmHe got a knife in my back stop turning please
Ab Cause I canít take no more this time
BbNever again go on get out of my life
(repeat Chorus)
Ab Eb Bb Cmwith you with you with you
Verse 4:
CmYou tell me you love me you la la la love me
FmBoy you donít even love you howíd I expect you to love me
AbWas good till we lost it, Iím getting off topic
BbStory hasnít ended but just before we drop it
CmI called on the weekend you said you were sleepin
FmI wanted to come over wake you up or just creep in
AbWas sunny and shinin, my bike I was ridin
BbRaced over to your house faster than a bolt of lightnin
Verse 5:
CmParked on the sidewalk but just when I looked up
FmI saw another shadow was inside of your window
AbScared to look further as soon as I saw her
BbThe sky turned black heard a roar of thunder
(repeat Chorus until fade) Anjulie's Offical Website =
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