Anjulie – Boom chords

"Boom" - Anjulie
Chords by Joan's Genius 2009

Intro: Gm x2

Verse 1:
Gm BbI’m getting myself in something I don’t wanna
Gm BbI’m getting caught up in him but I don’t wanna
Cm Eb GmI’m getting off track and I can’t control a thing, a thing
Gm BbI’m telling myself it’s not a good idea
Gm BbBut the more I hesitate the more I fall for him
Cm Eb GmI’m tryin’ to erase his face from my memory
Chorus 1:
Gm BbAnd then a boom shalaka he’s walkin’ up-a to me
Gm BbBoom shalaka he start’s a-talkin to me
Cm Eb Boom shalaka my heart skips a
Gm Boom shalaka laka boom boom
Verse 2:
Gm BbThe more I hang there the more I get wrapped up in him
Gm BbImagine myself in the chair I was sittin’ in
Cm Eb GmAnd every little thing he said comes back to me, to me
Gm BbThe more I get scared of losin’ I’m afraid to say
Gm BbWhere can I go at the same time it excites me
Cm Eb GmGotta get him outta my head, get on with me
(repeat Chorus 1) Chorus 2:
Gm BbBoom shalaka eyes come in contact a
Gm BbBoom shalaka starin’ me down talk a
Cm Eb Boom shalaka my heart skips a
GmBoom shalaka laka ah
Gm CmHe make my head go (boom boom)
Gm CmHe make my breath go (shaka laka)
Gm CmWherever I go (boom boom)
Gm CmAnd everything goes (shaka)
Verse 3:
Gm BbI tell myself, no I’m not gonna do this
Gm BbI promise myself, no I’m not gonna do this
Cm Eb GmDoesn’t matter what he says, I know he’s no good for me, no no no no
(repeat Chorus 1, Chorus 2) Anjulie's Official Website:
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