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Antimatter – Legions tab

tabbed by woodlandsclose

standard tuning w/ capo on 2

Bmadd9 D7M(no5) G/D------|------|------|-1----|-1----|-1----|-4----|-2----|-2----|-2----|-2----|-3----|-0----|-3----|-3----|------|------|------|
all the song play this riff 1
Bmadd9 X4 D7M X4---------------|---------------|-------1-------|--------1------|-----4-----4---|------4----4---|---2---------2-|----2--------2-|-0-------------|--3------------|---------------|---------------|stony and gray...
in the chorus make things like that riff2 some times
Bmadd9 X4 D7M X4-------0-------|--------0-------|-------1-------|--------1-------|-----4-----4---|------4-----4---|---2---------2-|----2---------2-|-0-------------|--3-------------|---------------|----------------|legions and hordes....
at the end only play this, the timing, well hear the song riff 3
Bm G/D-----|-------|-1---|--1----|-2---|--2----|-2---|--3----|-0---|--3----|-----|-------|...if you wanna see the sun again...
verse riff1 Stony and grey .... riff1 And long are .... riff 1 Where God ..... riff 1 Where God .... to look upon chorus riff1 Legions ....The seas ... riff1 And buildings .... riff1 And I ..... Through legions.... riff1 A dark mass of infidel RIFF 3 X MANY ( Bm G/D Bm G/D What have they done to thems_elves? Bm G/D Bm Look what they've done to them__selves. ) X 2 ( Bm G/D If you don't learn ... alone Bm You'll never get to .... again G/D You won't ... top Bm G/D The ..... sown )X2 the seed... X many
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