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Blur – Dancehall chords

Blur - Dancehall

G E A Bb13-9There are ghosts in here an easy laze
G E A Bb13-9They dance all night with a vacant gaze
G E A Bb13-9They stand in rows and buy alcohol
G E A Bb13-9We're having fun at the dancehall
Chorus: C# B
G E A Bb13-9 I've got my pills and I've got my toys
G E A Bb13-9Pin-up girls and pin-up boys
G E A Bb13-9My lips are frozen to another can
G E A Bb13-9I could kill him, but I just kiss his hand
(Repeat Chorus) G E A Bb13-9 x2 (Repeat Chorus) Bb13-9: G - 4 D - 5 A - 5 E - 6
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