Bran Van 3000 – Everywhere tab

official website: (you might not be able to access
it because the band currently posted that they're doing major reconstructions
for their new website)
Bran Van 3000 is from Montreal, Canada.  Their latest album release was
Discosis.  The song "Everywhere" was featured in the movie "Practical Magic"
with Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman.
			     Everywhere by Bran Van 3000

Tabbed by:Susan Jupinder


From the album: glee(see below for picking patterns)

Intro: G  C  Em  Am7  x2

Verse 1:
G     C               Em
         Everywhere I see your face is
Am7              G
  Everywhere you sing your smile
C                  Em                 Am7
  Everytime you're not around doesn't matter
                   G            C     Em     Am7    
'Cause you're everywhere to me

Verse 2:
G                    C
  And everywhere you came and left 
   Em           Am7
You came in the name of love and
G                C             Em
  Left a wake of happiness and tenderness
Am7  G         Am7     G         Am7
  Sweet conflict,   sweet conflict

Verse 3:
    Cadd9  Em          Cadd9   Em
You hang   around, you come on down
    Cadd9   Em             G         C              Em      Am7
You come on down, and it's on and on and on and on
     G   C           Em   Am7
It's on, it goes on

Verse 4:
    Cadd9  Em      Cadd9       Em
You hang   around, you come on down
   Cadd9          Em      Cadd9    Em
If you don't come in now

Verse 5:
C   Cmaj7    C    Cmaj7   C  (instrumental)
    Cmaj7           C
I'm whispering, I'm whispering
    Cmaj7           G
I'm whispering your name
              C           Em          Am7    G
You're everywhere, everywhere, everywhere to me
       C           Em          Am7    G     C     Em7   Am7
Everywhere, everywhere, everywhere to me

Verse 6:
    G               C     Em    Am7
I'm calling your number                    x5

(ad lib while playing G  C  Em  Am7 pattern)
You're everywhere, you're everywhere to me, everywhere to me

G Ce|-----3---------3-------------0---------0----------|B|-----3-----3---3---0---------1-----1---1---0------|G|-----0-----0---0---0---------0-----0---0---0------|D|--------------------------------------------------|A|-------------------------3-3---------3---3--------|E|-3-3---------3---3--------------------------------|
Em Am7e|-----0---------0-------------0---------0----------|B|-----0-----0---0---1---------1-----1---1---0------|G|-----0-----0---0---0---------0-----0---0---0------|D|--------------------------------------------------|A|-2-2---------2---2-------0-0---------0---0--------|E|--------------------------------------------------|
Am7 Ge|-----0---------0-------------3---------3----------|B|-----1-----1---1---0---------3-----3---3---0------|G|-----0-----0---0---0---------0-----0---0---0------|D|--------------------------------------------------|A|-0-0---------0---0--------------------------------|E|-------------------------3-3---------3---3--------|
Cadd9 Eme|-----0---------0-------------0---------0----------|B|-----3-----3---3---0---------0-----0---0---3------|G|-----0-----0---0---0---------0-----0---0---0------|D|--------------------------------------------------|A|-3-3---------3---3-------2-2---------2---2--------|E|--------------------------------------------------|
C Cmaj7e|-----0---------0-------------0---------0----------|B|-----1-----1---1---0---------0-----0---0---1------|G|-----0-----0---0---0---------0-----0---0---0------|D|--------------------------------------------------|A|-3-3---------3---3-------3-3---------3---3--------|E|--------------------------------------------------|
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