Bran Van 3000 – Rock Star tab

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Tabbed by David Bédard-Barrette, McGill University, Canada, December 2004

Here is another great song by Bran Van 3000. This one is on the Discosis album. Thanks
to Peter Leenborg Jensen for his work on the song. My version is based on his original
tab, but solves the problems that were in it.

I'm pretty sure for this on, but your comments are welcome. Don't forget the
capo on the 1st fret. All the riffs are relative to the capo. Standard tuning.

Song: Rock Star
Band: Bran Van 3000	
Album: Discosis
Composers: James Di Salvio/Sara Johnston 
Version: Album version

CAPO 1st Fret


Riff 01

Riff 02 -------
Riff 03 -------
Riff 04 -------
Intro ----- Riff 01 [x2] Verse 01 -------- Riff 01 Inappropriate behaviour Thinking distraction will be your saviour Riff 01 This need seems never-ending These nights seem all-pretending Riff 02 The record's spins comfort me Riff 02 Dreams locked in the record company Verse 02 -------- Riff 01 And all those things you said you'd never do Watch them slowly catch up with you Riff 01 So unrelenting And you're unrepenting Riff 02 Go to sleep as the sky turns blue Riff 02 Simply running out of things to abuse Chorus ------- Riff 03 And I said, mama, gonna buy you out Riff 03 I'm a rockstar now Riff 03 I said, mama, gonna buy you out Riff 03 I'm a rockstar now Bridge ------ Riff 04 Verse 03 -------- Riff 01 You lead me down the road with maybe Just some ego tripping with a lady Riff 01 It seems I'm always waiting Waiting for what? Riff 02 And the laziness won't disappear Riff 02 My indifference sets in out of fear Verse 04 -------- Riff 01 Mean ass spider, called her hairy And she likes her webs big and scary Riff 01 She'll never let go Not as long as she's still spinning Riff 02 But the irony just gets lost Riff 02 'Cause no one cares who pays the cost Chorus ------- Riff 03 And I said, mama, gonna buy you out Riff 03 I'm a rockstar now Riff 03 I said, mama, gonna buy you out Riff 03 G I'm a rockstar now End the song with an open "G" chord [320033] Let ring. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- That's it ! Comments are welcome ! --- CHICKITY CHINA, THE CHINESE CHICKEN -
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