Bran Van 3000 – Drinking In La tab

Bran Van 3000 - 'Drinking in LA' main riff

Quite an easy one, 2 sets of bass notes and one chord between each one throughout the 
song. These are the basic riffs, listen to the record for timing and variations (muted 
etc). Hold the chords for longer in the chorus.

Drop D (DADGBE), capo at 1st fret. Notes shown in relation to capo.


e ----0--00-------|----0--00-------|b ----2--22-------|----2--22-------|g ----2--22-------|----2--22-------|d ----0--00-------|----0--00-------|a 0-----------0---|----------------|d ----------------|0---------------|
e ----0--00-------|----0--00-------|b ----2--22-------|----2--22-------|g ----2--22-------|----2--22-------|d ----0--00-------|----0--00-------|a 4-----------4---|----------------|d ----------------|0---------------|
Tabbed by Gareth Hughes
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