Britney Spears – Toxic chords

Capo 3

Intro/Fill (fret numbers relative to capo)
e---------------------- then either -12------------ or --0--------|b---------------------- ---12-13p12---- ---0-1p0---|g---------------------- ------------14- ---------3-|d---------------------- --------------- -----------|a-0-0--3p2p0-3---3p2p0- --------------- -----------|E---------------------- --------------- -----------|
AmBaby, can't you see?
AmI'm calling a guy like you
Am CShould wear a warning
E Am (or fill)It's dangerous, I'm fallin'
AmThere's no escape
AmI can't wait, I need a hit
Am CBaby, give me it
E Am (or fill)You're dangerous, I'm lovin' it
AmToo high, can't come down
AmLosing my head
Am CSpinning 'round and 'round
E Am (or fill then Am)Do you feel me now?
AmWith a taste of your lips
CI'm on a ride
B BbYou're toxic, I'm slipping under
Am CWith a taste of poison paradise
BI'm addicted to you
Bb Am CDon't you know that you're toxic?
BAnd I love what you do
Bb Am C B BbDon't you know that you're toxic?
Rest of song follows the same format
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