Citipointe – Commission My Soul chords

Commission my soul
Capo 2

D2: A2:e|--2--2--0--0-- e|--0--0--0--0--|B|--3--3--3--2-- B|--2--2--0--0--|G|--2--2--2--2-- G|--2--2--2--1--|D|-------------- D|--2--2--2--2--|A|-------------- A|--------------|E|-------------- E|--------------|
Intro: A2x2 D2x2, strummed softly (x2) Verse 1: A2 You bled with one desire A2 In all to bring new life D2 D2 To a shattered humanity A2 Death now overcome A2 Forgiving all and one D2 D2 you've redeemed all humanity Pre-Chorus: Bm With all our lives we now stand F#m Declaring loud that E D Jesus is God who saves Chorus: F#m Commission my soul E With a fire uncontrollable D For this great cause To save the lost F#m Open my eyes E To the reason I'm alive, oh Lord D I'm ready now D I'll follow you Intro Verse 2: A2 Abandon all to be A2 Your voice your hands your feet D2 D2 My life a living sacrifice A2 Spirit empower me A2 To set the captives free D2 D2 My life is an offering Pre-Chorus Chorus (x3)
F#m E D2I'll Follow You (x2)
Bridge:soft to progressively louder
AOpen the heavens wide
DOpen the heavens wide
AOpen the heavens wide,
EPour out your spirit on us (x4)
Chorus (x2) end with soft Bridge (x2)
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