Citipointe – You Are God chords

Verse 1
Fm AbWe are Your Church
Db FmVibrant and alive
FM AbWe are your people
Db FmChosen to be your light
Eb FmWe will humble ourselves
Eb FmWe will seek your face
Eb FmLet your church arise
Eb DbWith never ending praise
AbYou are God
EbNo wonder I'm in love with you
DbWe live to bring you praise
Fm (F# on repeat)We live to bring you praise
Verse 2
Fm AbAs one we unite
Db FmStanding as your bride
Fm AbBringing justice and love
Db FmAnd the wonder of your life
Db Eb Fm Eb DbAll praise to the, Righteous one
Eb Fm Eb/G DbAll praise to the, King of love
Eb Fm Eb DbAll praise to the, God of Miracles
EbAnd life
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