Citipointe – Emmanuel chords

Emmanuel - Citipointe

Verse 1:
Gm7 Bb EbWith such graditude in my heart
Bb/D Eb FIm here to thank You for all You are
Gm7 Bb EbYou’ve been faithful all my days
Bb/D Eb FIn every season You remain
Pre Chorus:
Eb FI will enter Your gates with thankgiving
Gm7 Bb FLord I run into Your arms
Gm7 Bb EbMy lips will sing of Your goodness
Gm7 F EbFor Your love illuminates my heart
Gm7 Bb EbMy lips will lavish praise upon You
Bb/D Eb FFor You are Emmanuel
Gm7 Bb Eb Bb/D Eb FGod with us
Verse 2:
Gm7 Bb EbSearch my heart and make it clean
Bb/D Eb FReplace the dirt with purity
Gm7 Bb EbFor You resist the prideful Lord
Bb/D Eb FYou call the humble You restore
Cm EbEmmanuel
Bb F/AWhom shall I fear for You are always near
Cm EbEmmanuel
Gm7 F (Eb only when going back to chorus) I will praise You all my days Lord I hunger and I crave
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