Concrete Blonde - City Screaming tab

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Subject: Tab: City Screaming by Concrete Blonde

Song: City Screaming
Band: Concrete Blonde
Album: Walking In London
Written by: Johnette Napolitano
Tabbed by:

Main Rythm Figure

3|5--7-7--5-7| |--5-5---5-----------------------------|4|5--7-7--5-7| or |8------8-| or even |10--12-12--10-12--|
Chorus A# - A# - A# - A - A - A - A# - A# - A# - C - C - C Bridge E Solo is quite easy to figure out. Stay in, I think, the E scale. Lyrics Been on the bus, since a quarter to one. I'm baking like a chicken on the bus in the setting sun. Home home, home, under the window. Is the a shot or a car? I don't know! I don't know! I DON'T KNOW! The city smokes and city chokes and crackin' open, I hear the city screaming! Twenty-four hours, all night all day. The city hums and boils and cracks and beats away. Stir 'em around, stick 'em over the fire. No wonder everybody strung up tighter than a goddamn piano wire. The city smokes and city chokes and crackin' open, I hear the city screaming! Crack the whip and Mr. Jack the Knife, Were doing their trip on the corner underneath the streetlight late last night. What if the homeboys just take it on home sweet home. Well you can blow your own selves away but leave the rest of us alone. The city cries and city dies, dehumanizing, I hear the city screaming! I hear the city screaming!
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