Cowboy Mouth – Easy tab

fun song to play

verse:  play chords, then mute the strings.
A5 A5                         G5 G5  
      I once had a friend who       met an early end to
D5 D5                         A5 A5
     a kind of modern way of thinking
A5 A5                         G5 G5
     He wasn't taken from us        yeah he's still among us
D5 D5                             A5 A5
     but he lived for drugs and drinking
A5 A5                             G5 G5
     He liked to point the finger      his accusations linger
D5 D5                       A5 A5
     a deeper part of every action
A5 A5                               G5 G5    
     He loved to play the game where     he's disperse the blame for 
D5 D5                          A5 A5
     every deep dissatisfaction

chorus (full chords - i play em as barres):
easy to bitch, easy to whine
Easy to moan, easy to cry
       D                                       A
easy to feel like there ain't nothing in your life
it's harder to work, harder to strive
Hard to be glad to be alive
                D                           A
But it's really worth it if you give it a try

have fun.  remember to rate.    -drew
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