Cowboy Mouth – Hey Bartender tab

A	       D	B
Hey bartender, pour me another one
      A		       E          A
Cuz I don't think that I've had enough
A                  D         B
Make it a bourbon, make it a double one
        A            E             A
You can see that I'm still standin up

D			     A
Whiskey and women, well they fool me every time
     B    		          E
Into thinking I'm the hero I have pictured in my mind

A		       D 		  B
So tell me a secret to get me through the night
        A           E           D         A
Or just turn up the jukebox and tell me a lie

E		             A
Here's a quarter why don't I play us a song
B	  E
B-33, I believe it's George Jones

Verse     = A A D B A E A
Prechorus = D A B E
Chorus    = A A D B A E D A
Bridge    = E A B E
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