Cowboy Mouth – Light It On Fire tab ver. 2

MAIN RIFF:e|------------------------------------------------------------B|-----------------------------2-----2---2-2------------------G|--------------------------0--2-----2---2-2------------------D|---------2------0-0----------2-----2---2-2----4-3-2---------A|-------------2--------2-------------------------------------E|---0-0------------------------------------------------------
Verse 1: E A It's four A.M., I'm drunk and alone E A Tryin' to call you on a public phone E A I wanted passion, I wanted desire B My heart is a flame that pains me if I do not CHORUS: A E Light it on Fire A E If I do not light it on fire A E If I do not light it on fire A (n.c.) If I do not light it on fire VERSE 2: I'm the perfect picture of a perfect fool You're out doin' what I wanted ya' to I'm in heartbreak hotel and there's a desk clerk for hire My heart is a flame that pains me if I do not CHORUS BRIDGE: D A E A E How can I tell you D A E A E Just how it feels D A E A E How can you make love stay and A B How do you know if what's stayin' is real Solo(guitar II plays main riff)
e-10-7-7-7(approx. 9x)-10--7-----------------------------------B-------------------------------------10-8--------------------8-(3x)- G------------------------------------------9--7-7-7-7-7-7-7-9----------D----------------------------------------------------------------------A----------------------------------------------------------------------E----------------------------------------------------------------------
VERSE 3 I was the one full of whiskey and talk I was the one with the skip in my walk You say the truth hurts, well so does a liar My heart's a flame that pains..... CHORUS (repeated with A E chords into MAIN RIFF close) That's about it. The solo might take a little practice to get right. Laterz!
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