Cowboy Mouth – Are You With Me tab

The main driving riff is just G-D-C-G, each (I guess) one measure:

The 3 notes in the verses are the 5,4,3 strings held in a G chord:G|-------0-|D|----0----|A|-2-------|E|---------|(play twice each line of the verses)
The bridge is just the same riff, changing keys, so it becomes: AAAAA,EEEEE,DDDDD,AAAAA ======================================================================== "How Do You Tell Someone" by Cowboy Mouth from the MCA album "Are You With Me?" previously from the Monkey Hill album "It Means Escape" Written/sung by Fred LeBlanc ---------------------------------------------- This song is really very simple, and only uses G, C, D, and Em. However, they use a cheating C (C9?) and put the 3rd finger on the 2nd string, not the first, for the G. G = 320030 C=032030 D=000232 Em=022000 Actually, it sounds fine if you leave the same third finger planted for the Em, so it's 022030...this way, the 3rd finger stays planted the whole song. G D C G Tina says "don't talk to me like I am deaf and dumb G D C D(+pick str. 1) we've broken down and broken up so much that I am numb G D C G talk about, don't shout about, the people we've become" G C D G There's a little girl who's crying over here. Note that lines 2 and 4 are different from 1 & 3, which are the same. Each verse is the same. Chorus: Em C D Did you ever know me, I swear that I have tried (repeat this pattern for all three pre-chorus lines) G C D How do you tell someone you don't love them? G C D How do you tell someone you don't care anymore? G C D C How do you tell someone you don't love them anymore? Bridge: Em D C Fighting makes me tired (repeat pattern for all four lines) ------------------------------------------------------------------------- "God Makes The Rain" by Cowboy Mouth >From the MCA album "Are You With Me?" Written/sung by Fred LeBlanc ------------------------------------------ Use the same G as above(G9?) G=320030 D=000232 A=002220 Bm=224432 F#m=244222 D G D A I should've known there'd be danger when I saw your face in the crowd D G D A D Now I'm trying to work past my anger, I should know better by now (Repeat this pattern for next two lines of verse) (All verses have this same chord pattern) Chorus: G A D Bm I've known your sorrow, but everybody's tasted pain G A D I've known your sorrow, since God made the rain G A D Bm I see tomorrow when everybody tries again G A D G D G I see tomorrow when God makes the rain God makes the rain Bridge: G D I used to hold my fury, keep it bottled tight A D wrestle with the consequences each and every night G F#m Bm But if I put my faith in someone who was only trying to bring me down G D A I wouldn't stand where I am standing now The fade out at the end is just DGDGDGDGDG..... ------------------------------------------------------------- "Take It Out On Me" by Cowboy Mouth >From the MCA album "Are You With Me?" Written/sung by Fred LeBlanc (also from LeBlanc solo album "Dammit") ----------------------------------------- Simple! Three chords: F=133211 C=x35553 Bb=x13331 (FF C BbBbBb C FFF C BbBbBb C) riff played over and in-between verses, in intro and outro PRECHORUS: Bb F C I'll be waitin when the storm is over Bb F C I'll be waitin when the fever is high Bb F C Share your anger, and swear that you'll never CHORUS (let each chord ring): F Take it out on me C Let me see you smile F Let me hear you scream Bb For a little while, don't F Take it out on me, cuz there's C Bb Nobody else around (NOTE: Can be played with capo on 3rd fret, with D,A,G instead of F,C,Bb) ---------------------------------------------------------- "Laughable" by Cowboy Mouth >From the MCA album "Are You With Me?" Written/sung by Paul Sanchez ------------------------------------------ A=x02220 D=xx0232 E=02210x F#m=244222 G=320033 INTRO: A D A D A D A D VERSE: A D Well I stare at the hole in my hands A D And I watch you slip away A D And I feel if I'd only done better then maybe I could E make you stay (all verses same chord progression: A-D-A-D-A-D-E) CHORUS: F#m A Well I could, but I don't D E And I should but I won't (n.c.) A D F#m E A D A D It's laughable It's Laughable It's laughable (later choruses add another A-D-F#m-E at end) BRIDGE: F#m D Having to tell someone goodbye F#m Having to find a place to hide When all you feel these days G E is empty inside A-D-A-D-A-D-A-D etc.... ----------------------------------------------------------------- "The Love Of My Life" by Cowboy Mouth >From the MCA album "Are You With Me?" Written/sung by Fred LeBlanc --------------------------------------------------- E=02210x G=320033 A=x02220 D=xx0232 (n.c.) The love of my life is a shady lady Tearin' me up just to bring me down she used to be calm but now she's crazy E G A I don't mind (n.c.) Tearin' me down like a jungle monkey Cuttin' me up like a jungle cat she used to be fine but now she's funky E G A I don't mind (n.c.) DDD D G A DDDDGA(X3) She's not the love of my life anymore VERSE: D D D D D G A The love of my life takes my lunch to breakfast D D D D G A nary a thought that a man might starve D D D D G A she used to smoke dope but now she's X-ing E G A I don't mind (repeat the DGA/DGA/DGA/EGA for the four lines of each verse) BRIDGE: G (let ring) D (let ring) I hurt, you walk A There ain't no looking for an answer when the G question's come and gone G(let ring) D(let ring) I'll stay, you'll go A There ain't no hopin' for tomorrow so I'll G pack up all my sorrow and find some hope that I can borrow I'm just tryin to find my sanity and soul END: DGA/DGA/DGA/DGD ----------------------------------------- "So Sad About Me" by Cowboy Mouth >From the MCA album "Are You With Me?" Written/sung by Fred LeBlanc ------------------------------------- F#=244322 B=x24442 A=x02220
Opening riff (played twice):e|---------------------|-----------------|B|---------------------|-----------------|G|---------------------|-----------------|D|---------------------|-----------------|A|-------0---0-0-0-2s4-|-------0---0-----|E|-0h2-2---2-----------|-0h2-2---2-------|
The verses are played over a F#(hammer note)-B-A-A riff as below: F#(h.o.)= hammer-on the open E string at the 2nd fret (E|--0h2----) then play B chord once and let ring, then an A chord twice. F#(h.o.) B(let ring) A A There's a window by the bedroom door F#(h.o.) B(let ring) A A That never will be opened etc... CHORUS: B A So sad about me, so sad about me B A B-A-F# So sad about me--e--ee, I'm sad about you
Middle riff:e|--------------------|------------------|B|--------------------|------------------|G|--------------------|------------------|D|--------------------|------------------|A|-----2s4--2-2-0-2-0-|-----2s4-2-2-0-2--|E|-2-2----------------|-2-2--------------|
BRIDGE: F# F# F# A A A A A But I really must admit that I am F# F# F# A A A A Glad that I am living (repeat F#-A through bridge, end on F#) -------------------------------------- "Louisiana Lowdown" by Cowboy Mouth >From the MCA album "Are You with Me?" Previously from the Monkey Hill album "Mouthin' Off (Live+More)" (Also from Sanchez's solo album "Jet Black And Jealous") Written by Paul Sanchez, sung by Fred LeBlanc (previously by Sanchez) --------------------------------------------------------------------- D#=x68886 C#=x46664 G#=466544 A#=688766 Gm=355333 Cm=335543 The main RIFF used throughout the song is: D# D# C# C# C# C# D# D# C# C# C# D# The timing is difficult to show on this, but if you listen to the intro you can figure it out. Basically play a few D#'s, then C#'s, then almost repeat the pattern but quickly come back for a D# instead of the last C#. The little filler notes (FILL) are just a little "tickling" of the first two strings (e and B) held at the 8th fret (just mash down your third finger which should be on the 8th fret from playing the D# anyway). INTRO: RIFF VERSES: D# FILL Well my eyelids said four-thirty D# FILL and the radio clock said six G# A# RIFF and I was thinking up a reasonable excuse D# FILL I might have slept til yesterday D# FILL but in the shape I'm in G# A# RIFF what's twenty-four hours more or less to lose CHORUS: Gm Cm I've burned up letters and I've burned up souvenirs Gm Cm And left no traces Lord that I was ever here D# G# A# RIFF And I won't be Louisiana lowdown and blue BRIDGE: A# D# I saw a stranger smiling at me yesterday A# D# And it scared me almost half to death A# D# I wanted to hide I wanted to run away from her A# RIFF Instead I closed my eyes and she wasn't there ---------------------------------------------------------- "Jenny Says" by Cowboy Mouth >From the MCA album "Are You With Me?" previously on Domino/Monkey Hill "Word Of Mouth" Written/sung by Fred LeBlanc ------------------------------------------------- F#=244322 A=577655 B=x24442 D=x57775 C#=x46664
Main riff (repeated throughout song)(hold hand in F# chord arrangement, lift 3rd finger for 4th note)e|--------------|B|--------------|G|--------------|D|---------4----|A|---4-4-2------|E|-2------------|
(riff X2 over each line) Got no reason for the things I fear the things that plague me when I see and hear a dime's a nickel and a nickel's none I throw myself into the Sunday sun (riff X2, with F#, A in the background) Summer Sunday when you went insane You said you're going but I said I came I'm throwin oranges in an apple cart the ties that bind are tearin me apart F# A B D Jenny says, turn off the radio F# A B C# Jenny says, turn off the light F# A B D Jenny says, turn off the video A C# You beat yourself up, to bring yourself down F# A F# A Let it go, let it go, let it go F# A F# A Let it go, let it go, let it go C# D C# E (F# into riff) When the world is coming down on me I let it go ("F# into riff" means the F# chord is played in place of the first note of the riff) ------------------------------------------------------------------ "Light It On Fire" by Cowboy Mouth >From the MCA album "Are You With Me?" previously from the Domino/Monkey Hill "Word of Mouth" and Monkey Hill "Mouthin' Off (Live + More)" and Paul Sanchez solo "Jet Black and Jealous" Written by Paul Sanchez, sung by Fred LeBlanc ------------------------------------------------- A=x02220 E=022100 D=xx0232 Main riff (called RIFF below):
RIFF It's 4 AM, I'm drunk and alone RIFF Tryin to call you on a public phone RIFF I wanted passion I wanted desire A My heart is a flame that pains me if I do not E Light It On Fire (if I do not) A E Light It On Fire (if I do not) A E Light It On Fire (if I do not) A Light It On Fire RIFF etc... Bridge: D A E A E How can I tell you D A E A E Just how it feels D A E A E How do you make love stay and A How do you know if what's stayin is real?
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