Other Side tab with lyrics by Cross Canadian Ragweed - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Cross Canadian Ragweed – Other Side tab

D  G  A  D  D  G  A  D  2x

  D       G               A        D
Gettin' tired of looking over my shoulder
  D       G        A      D
Tired of walkin' around alone
  D      G         A            D
Gettin' used to myself gettin' older
 D          G            A         D
But not accustomed to gettin' spit on
Bm          A     G        D
I've been takin' too much lately
Bm     A        G         D
And myself not takin' my share
Bm              A       G     D          G
So watch out steppin' stone walkin' over me
Well I've had it up to here, I've had it up to here.

D  G  A  D  D  G  A  D  2x

 D     G         A           D
Spent my whole life lookin' back
 D     G      A       D
Not lookin' ahead to see
 D         G       A       D
Trying to keep my feet on track
 D     G          A        D
Doin' what was expected of me
Bm        A           G           D
Kick my shoes off so they can't trace me
Bm         A    G     D
Leave no forwarding address
Bm       A       G         D
Before they all drive me crazy
                 G               A
And I leave 'em all in a bloody mess

            D  G  A  D
I've gotta ri---------de
D    G  A  D
Fly hi-----gh
D    G           A      D
Everybody gonna eat my dust
D        G      A        D
I gotta move so I won't rust
 G                                    A
Got me a one way ticket to the other side
             D  G  A  D
And I gotta ride


 D      G          A        D
Maybe folks will think I'm dead 
 D     G     A        D
Maybe even change my name
 D      G        A         D
Maybe they'll forget about me
 D      G      A    D
Forget that I even came
Bm          A       G        D
I'll come back one day just watch me
Bm        A       G    D
Back when I think I deserve
Bm                A    G         D
You know they're all gonna drive me
                    G                     A
Yeah they're gonna drive me to a ball of nerves


D  G  A  D  8x
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