Dead Kennedys – Chemical Warfare tab

	             Chemical Warefare - Dead Kennedys
Tabbed By: Myster-E

Tuning: EADGBE (Standard)

This is riff 10, if you've seen the other versions you'll know where i'm at.
The other versions were halfway wrong about this part, they had the right notes,
just the wrong positon that the notes were played in, and the starting note didn't
sound like the right gauge for the string, that's how I noticed. So, here's my version, played higher.

The starting note from the other versions is Db (D string, fret 11), if you put your 1st finger on that note, then put your 4th on fret 14 on the B string, you'll get an octave chord, and that's one of the ways I found it. Helpful hint, keep it in mind. =============================================================================
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