Dick Gaughan – The Fathers Song chords

Am E7 AmThat's another day gone by, son, close your eyes
C G FFor the moon is chasing clouds across the skies
Am E7Got to sleep and have no fear, son
C G FFor your mam and dad are near, son
G F E7And the giant is just a shadow on the wall
Am E7 AmGo to sleep and when you wake it will be light
C G FThere's no need to fear the darkness of the night
Am E7It's not like the dark you find, son
C G FIn the depths of some men's minds, son
G F E7That defies the daily coming of the dawn
Am E7 AmStop crying now, let daddy dry your tears
C G FThere's no bogeyman to get you, never fear
Am E7There's no ogres, wicked witches
C G FOnly greedy sons-of-bitches
G F E7Who are waiting to exploit your life away
Am E7 AmLie easy in your bed and grow up strong
C G FYou'll be needing all your strength before too long
Am E7For you'll soon be on your way, son
C G FFighting battles every day, son
G F E7With an enemy who thinks he owns the world
Am E7 AmDon't you let 'em buy you out or break your pride
C G FDon't you let yourself be used then cast aside
Am E7If you listen to their lying
C G FThey will con you into dying
G F E7You won't even know that you were once alive
Am E7 AmNo more talking now it's time to go to sleep
C G FThere are answers to your questions but they'll keep
Am E7Go on asking while you grow, son
C G FGo on asking till you know, son
E7 F GAnd then send the answers ringing through the world
G F E7And then send the answers ringing through the world
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