Dick Gaughan – Erin Go Bragh chords

This may not be 100% but I just figured out the chords plainly.  He does hammer on and 
such but I wanted it to be easier than all that.  This is just the basic for beginners... 
such as myself.  I believe it's originally in the key of [Bm] but as follows is the best I can do.


Ma [Dm]name's Duncan [Am]Campbell fae the [C]shire o Ar[Dm]gyll
A've traivellt this [Am]country for [C]mony's the [Dm]mile
A've traivellt thro [Am]Irelan, [Dm]Scotlan an [C]aa
An the [Dm]name ah go [Am]under's bauld [C]Erin-go-[Dm]Bragh

Ae [Dm]nicht in Auld [Am]Reekie A [C]walked doun the [Dm]street
Whan a saucy big [Am]polis A [C]chanced for tae [Dm]meet
He glowert in ma [Am]face an he [Dm]gied me some [C]jaw
Sayin [Dm]whan cam ye [Am]owre, bauld [C]Erin-go-[Dm]Bragh?

Well, A [Dm]am not a [Am]Pat tho in 
[C]Irelan A've [Dm]been
Nor am A a [Am]Paddy tho [C]Irelan 
A've [Dm]seen
But were A a [Am]Paddy that's [Dm]nothing at [C]ah
For thair's [Dm]mony's a bauld [Am]hero from [C]Erin-go-[Dm]Bragh

Well A [Dm]know ye're a [Am]Pat by the [C]cut o yer [Dm]hair
Bit ye ah turn tae [Am]Scotsmen as [C]sune as ye're [Dm]here
Ye left yer ain [Am]countrie for [Dm]brakin the [C]law
An we're [Dm]seizing ah [Am]stragglers from [C]Erin-go-[Dm]Bragh

An [Dm]were A a [Am]Pat an ye [C]knew it were [Dm]true
Or were A the [Am]devil, then [C]whit's that tae [Dm]you?
Were it no for the [Am]stick that ye [Dm]hauld in yer [C]paw
Then A'd [Dm]show ye a [Am]game played in [C]Erin-go-[Dm]Bragh

An a [Dm]lump o black[Am]thorn that A [C]held in ma [Dm]fist
Aroun his big [Am]bodie A [C]made it tae [Dm]twist
And the blude fae his [Am]napper A [Dm]quickly did [C]draw
An [Dm]paid him stock-an-[Am]interest for [C]Erin-go-[Dm]Bragh

An the [Dm]people cam [Am]roun like a [C]flock o wild [Dm]geese
Sayin catch that daft [Am]rascal he's [C]killt the [Dm]polis
And for every frins [Am]A had Ah [Dm]sweir he had [C]twa
It was [Dm]terrible [Am]hard times for [C]Erin-go-[Dm]Bragh

Bit a [Dm]cam tae a wee [Am]boat that [C]sails in the [Dm]Forth
An A packed up ma [Am]gear and A [C]steered for the [Dm]North
Fareweill tae Auld [Am]Reekie, yer [Dm]polis an [C]ah
An the [Dm]devil gang [Am]wi ye says [C]Erin-go-[Dm]Bragh

Sae come [Dm]ah ye young [Am]people, whair[C]ever ye're [Dm]from
A don't give a [Am]damn tae whit [C]place ye [Dm]belang
A come from [Am]Argyll in the [Dm]Heilans sae [C]braw
Bit A [Dm]ne'er took it [Am]ill bein caad [C]Erin-go-[Dm]Bragh

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