Dick Gaughan – Flooers O The Forest chords

                        D5                            G/D    D5                                  
D5 Csus2/D G/D D5
[Verse 1]
G D C DI've heard them liltin', at the ewe milkin,'
G D GLasses a-liltin' before dawn of day.
D F C G C DBut now they are moanin', on ilka green loanin'.
G C D GThe flowers of the forest are a' wede away.
[Verse 2]
G D C DAs boughts in the mornin', nae blithe lads are scornin',
G D GLasses are lonely and dowie and wae.
D F C G C DNae daffin', nae gabbin', but sighin' and sobbin',
G C D GIlk ane lifts her leglin, and hies her away.
[Verse 3]
G D C DAt e'en in the gloamin', nae swankies are roamin',
G D G 'Mang stacks wi' the lasses at bogle to play.
D F C G C DBut ilk maid sits drearie, lamentin' her dearie,
G C D GThe flowers of the forest are a' wede away.
[Verse 4]
G D C DIn har'st at the shearin' nae youths now are jeerin'
G D GBandsters are runkled, and lyart, or grey.
D F C G C DAt fair or at preachin', nae wooin', nae fleecin',
G C D GThe flowers of the forest are a' wede away.
[Verse 5]
G D C DDool for the order sent our lads to the Border,
G D Gthe English for ance by guile wan the day.
D F C G C DThe flowers of the forest, that fought aye the foremost,
G C D GThe prime of our land lie cauld in the clay.
[Verse 6]
G D C DWe'll hae nae mair liltin', at the ewe milkin',
G D GWomen and bairns are dowie and wae.
D F C G C DSighin' and moanin' on ilka green loanin',
G C D GThe flowers of the forest are all wede away.
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